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Operation and Maintenance

LightLab Operation and Maintenance

Both the operation and maintenance of LightLab 3 analyzers are designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Any member of your team can successfully operate and manage the maintenance of your LightLab.

Operating LightLab Analyzers

Intuitive User Interface

LightLab’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for any member of your team to prepare samples and run potency tests by following a series of on-screen prompts supporting a repeatable process.

GMP Compliance

LightLab 3 has third-party proven accuracy, known repeatability, and reproducibility, and is ready for GMP-compliant facilities. 

Accessories Included

LightLab includes all the accessories you need to begin using the analyzer right out of the box, including a portable scale, sample shaker, and more.

Operating Expense

Like all lab-based liquid chromatography instrumentation, LightLab uses solvent to extract cannabinoids from the sample. The same LightLab Extraction Solvent is also used as a carrier solution (mobile phase). LightLab test kits include everything you need to run a sample in one economic package that includes vials, syringes, solvents, filters, and a Selective Separation Column. Cost per test varies depending on the volume of tests required but typically falls in the $3-5 price range.

Workbench Setup

If you run a high volume of tests from a stationary workstation, a Workbench Setup will let you run more tests at a lower cost-per-test.

Pro Mode

Advanced technical LightLab users may use Pro Mode to bypass guided screens to streamline workflow and access chromatograms.

Maintaining LightLab Analyzers

Selective Separation Column

The only hands-on maintenance required is the easy task of replacing the Selective Separation Column every 25 tests. LightLab runs a self-cleaning cycle automatically and therefore it does not require manual cleaning or flushing.

LightLab Warranty

Your LightLab Cannabis Analyzer comes with a standard one-year factory warranty. An extended 2-year warranty option with calibration service is available. 

Initial Factory Calibration

LightLab arrives pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box. LightLab calibrations use Certified Reference Standards for traceability.

Annual Calibration

Calibration service is recommended after 1,000 tests or one year, whichever comes first. Calibration services are conducted at Orange Photonics. The customer is responsible for outbound shipping to Orange Photonics. Return ground shipping is included for Canadian and US customers. Purchase calibration service online.