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Testing Cannabis Edibles

Test the Potency of Cannabis Edibles In-House with LightLab

LightLab in-house data drives quality and cost savings for kitchen operations while preventing the loss of resources that can come with outsourcing sample testing to external labs. Accurately test the potency of cannabis edibles down to the milligram, supporting your team in developing and producing compliant products with confidence. LightLab’s dedicated edibles user interface automatically builds SOPs based on your particular sample for consistent quality products. 

Optimize Kitchen Operations with Real-Time Quality Control at Key Testing Touchpoints

Measure Active Raw Materials

Do not assume potency or trust the accuracy of provided CoAs.  Instead develop an internal process based on internal data to prevent losses of time, money and product. Distillate and oils can vary widely in concentration. Operators with access to in-house testing can confirm the potency and homogeneity of raw materials prior to formulation. When distilling/extracting in-house, confirm the potency of biomass, as the material input profile dramatically affects the process outcome.
Prevent Out-of-Specification Events
In-house testing with LightLab allows users to test pre-formulations and sample runs, confirming that recipes are to spec before going to production. Ensure accidental mixups or raw material degradation does not affect expensive mass runs. Speed up batch time or increase annual turns based on in-process data and risk assessments, vastly increasing profitability. Eliminate costly quarantining for out-of-spec product. 
Test edibles potency with LightLab
Develop New Products with Flexibility
Give your kitchen operation the tools it needs to create exciting recipes and test potency in-house. Every tweak to a formulation can affect quality and potency of final products. Develop and improve processes without costly ongoing lab testing.
Future-Ready Your Quality Organization
Batch testing of raw materials and finished goods is standard protocol in other industries. LightLab is GMP/GLP compliant and provides an excellent framework for low-cost, easy-to-implement GMP programs. Easily develop QA/QC protocols with built-in workflows and SOPs. Build out working processes and internal testing strategies that will aid in long-term sales strategies. Save money and catch mistakes before they happen with a robust quality program.

LightLab Data Drives Quality & Cost Savings

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