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LightLab 3 Law Enforcement Analyzers

Ruggedized and field-deployable LightLab 3 Law Enforcement (LE) Analyzers test the potency of cannabis and cannabis-containing products using the same federally recommended science (high performance liquid chromatography) employed by analytical testing labs throughout the world. With LightLab’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive, user-friendly interface, you and your team can rapidly quantify THC content in cannabis plants and products in non-lab settings.
LightLab 3 LE supports rapid enforcement actions with accurate, real-time data and accompanying Certificates of Analysis. Trusted by international and domestic law enforcement agencies as well as HIDTA programs across the U.S., the LightLab 3 LE sets the standard for field-deployable cannabinoid testing.

Sample Types Include:

Plant Material
Vape Cartridges
Infused Products
Custom Modes


Designed for non-technical users.


Tested for repeatability and reliability.


Easy access to test results in just 10.5 minutes.

Portable & Rugged

Just 18 lbs. and housed in a durable pelican case.

Watch the video: Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office speaks about how their team utilizes the LightLab Cannabis Analyzer.

Presumptive & Quantitative Modes

LightLab 3 LE has the same capabilities as our standard LightLab 3 and includes added Law Enforcement Modes – two testing modes that offer flexibility for specific testing scenarios:

Presumptive Mode

Presumptive mode can be used on any sample type, and provides a rapid indicator of whether a sample is THC dominant (psychoactive) or CBD dominant (hemp). 
Presumptive mode’s simplified sample preparation is ideal for testing in the field, where quick on-the-spot determinations may be required.
Presumptive mode data is based on HPLC peak ratios, virtually eliminating false positives or false negatives.  

Quantitative Mode

Quantitative Mode offers laboratory-grade quantitative analysis for up to 19 cannabinoids, as well as a presumptive determination of CBD dominant (hemp) or THC dominant (psychoactive) samples.
Step-by-step on-screen instructions guide non-technical personnel through sample preparation. 
The quantitative mode will report both quantitative information about cannabinoids as well as a presumptive determination of CBD dominant (hemp) or THC Dominant (psychoactive) samples. 

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