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LightLab Dashboard

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Welcome to LightLab Dashboard

The easiest path toward applied testing data.

Your LightLab Dashboard account makes it easy to:
• Manage your LightLab 3 fleet performance.
• View sample details and test results.
• Share test results via text or email.
• View your complete test history.
• Compare and analyze test results.
• Download a CSV report.
• Generate and share Certificates of Analysis (CoAs).

Data-driven decision-making has never been easier!

Access Productivity Info

With Dashboard you can access valuable productivity info including test volume per instrument, potency and yield attributes, unique cultivar profiles, and more.
Access Chromatograms
chromatogram is the raw data used by LightLab (as well as laboratory HPLCs) to generate cannabinoid content results.  The LightLab 3 chromatogram includes two wavelength channels, which provides a detailed fingerprint of your sample and enhances any qualitative analysis of your data.
Remote Monitoring
Remotely monitor test progress in real-time making it possible to step away from LightLab to tend to other tasks while testing samples. Receive notifications when the next step of the testing process is ready or when a test is complete.

Ready to take control of your data?