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LightLab 3 Psychedelics Analyzer

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Test the Potency of Mushrooms and Mushroom-Infused Products

The LightLab 3 Psychedelics (PSY) Analyzer tests the potency of psilocybin, psilocin and AcO-DMT using high performance liquid chromatography.  
With LightLab 3 PSY, psychedelics producers, prescribers and mycology enthusiasts can quickly and easily test psychedelic mushrooms and mushroom-infused products anywhere. Whether you have no scientific or technical expertise, or you have your PhD, you can produce accurate test results in minutes.
LightLab uses advanced science and cutting-edge technology to simplify the analytical testing process and make potency testing accessible and affordable.
Access to real-time potency data makes strain hunting, harvest optimization, quality control, R&D, dosing and extraction easier and more efficient than ever before.


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Sample Types Include:

Dried Biomass
Wet Biomass
Custom Modes

Analytes Measured:

Total Active Psilocin
Total Tryptamines

LightLab 3 Psychedelics Analyzer is Easy-To-Use

Intuitive User Interface

On-screen prompts guide you through each step of the sample preparation and testing process.

LightLab Dashboard

Log in to your LightLab Dashboard account to manage your LightLab fleet, access your results history, monitor test progress, and download valuable data.

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Access & Share Test Results

LightLab test results can be accessed and shared quickly and easily both on-screen and online.

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Simple to Operate & Maintain

From restocking consumables to calibrating annually, operating and maintaining LightLab is a cinch.

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LightLab 3 Psychedelics Analyzer for Mushrooms and Related Compounds

Key Features of LightLab 3 Psychedelics Analyzer

• Results in 8 Minutes
• Cost Effective at < $5 per Test
• Easy Sample Preparation
• Built-In SOPs for 7 Sample Types
• Customizable SOPs
• Generates COAs
• Portable & Rugged
• Wi-Fi Enabled
• 8-Hour Battery Life
• Factory Calibrated w/ Traceable Standards

How Can Your Business Benefit?

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See how producers and mycology enthusiasts benefit with LightLab.
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