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LightLab for Law Enforcement

Lightab 3 LE is Trusted by Law Enforcement Agencies Across the Country

LightLab 3 LE Cannabis Analyzer is a field-deployable cannabis analyzer used by law enforcement and regulatory agencies around the world, to discriminate “Hemp” from “Marijuana/Adult-Use Cannabis” and to quantify the amount of 20 different cannabinoids, including THC-A, Delta-9, Delta-8, and more, as well as Total THC amount as designated by 2019 US Farm Bill.
LightLab can test plants and products, in a simple 12-minute field test, producing a Certificate of Analysis in support of regulatory and enforcement efforts. Designed for the non-technical user, LightLab provides real-time presumptive and quantitative analysis to ensure only illicit products are seized.

Why Use LightLab 3 LE?

Hemp V. Marijuana

Investigate hemp farms suspected of adult-use cultivation while preventing the misidentification of sub-0.3% THC Hemp as adult-use cannabis/marijuana. Quantify potency in baby plants, mature live plants and finished dry plant material. Execute warrants with confidence.

Synthetic or “Hemp-Derived” Products

Stem or control the sale of semisynthetic “derivative” products (e.g. Delta-8, etc.). Screen to distinguish cannabis, oils and edibles intended for adult-use from those made with non-psychoactive hemp. Quantify a wide array of derived/synthetic molecules such as Delta-8, THC-O, THC-P. Differentiate these “loophole molecules” from naturally occurring ones.

Public Safety

Prevent consumer safety risk caused by high-dose hemp-derived edibles. Create programs of dispensary-level checks to confirm label potency claims. Keep illicit cannabis-based vapes out of school systems with fast screening.


Create agency-benefitting forfeiture programs to halt inbound shipments. Maximize legal cannabis tax revenue stream. Prevent interstate inversion/diversion of cannabis products and raw materials. Allow forensic labs to serve as confirmation to broad field-screening operations.

Support regulatory and enforcement efforts that address the following:

Border Security
Cartel Operations
Human Trafficking
Synthetic/Controlled Molecules
Counterfeit Goods Identification
Hemp THC Compliance
Tax and Fee Recovery
Package Interdiction
Business Licensure
Evidence Backlog Reduction
Warrant Execution
Money Laundering

LightLab is Trusted By:

State Regulators/Cannabis Control Offices
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Agency
Narcotics Laboratories
Ports of Entry
50+ Local Sheriff’s Offices & Depts

Test Anywhere: Portable, Rugged and Easy-To-Use

LightLab 3 LE Cannabis Analyzer is the go-to tool for mobile cannabis analysis.
  • Field-Deployable
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Built for Non-Technical Users
LightLab 3 LE lets users immediately determine if a sample:
  • is THC or CDB dominant.
  • matches a Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
  • corresponds to a business license.
  • is a legal or illicit product.