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About Orange Photonics

About Orange Photonics: Democratizing Science

At Orange Photonics (OP), we are more than a company; we are a catalyst for innovation and excellence. Join us on our mission to redefine the boundaries of analytical instrumentation and shape the future of industries worldwide.
Our passion for analytical instrumentation drives everything we do. We are dedicated to engineering instrumentation that delivers laboratory-grade performance to non-technical operators. Our solutions bolster operational efficiency, ensure quality control and foster innovation across industries.
Founded in 2015, Orange Photonics has earned the position of being the go-to-solution for onsite cannabinoid testing within the cannabis regulatory and business environments. Our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) platform includes built-in SOPS, to enable anyone, regardless of technical skill level, to conduct an analysis and make data-backed, real-time decisions

Our History

With roots deeply embedded in spectroscopy, the science of utilizing light to discern chemical composition, OP boasts a legacy spanning three generations of spectroscopists. Among our esteemed lineage is Paul Wilks, revered as the “Father of Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy” and a founding figure of PittCon. This heritage underscores our profound understanding and dedication to advancing spectroscopic techniques.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts hailing from diverse backgrounds, including spectroscopy sciences, healthcare standards organizations, and educational institutions. Leveraging this wealth of experience, we stand poised to support our valued customers at every step of their journey. Witnessing their success and growth fuels our commitment to propelling the industry forward.
Paul Wilks 1957 with one of his mid-infrared analyzers, cannabis testing equipment
Paul Wilks, known as the “Father of Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy” and founder of PittConn.

Our Customers

Spectroscopy and liquid chromatography, the cornerstones of OP’s potency testing equipment, find broad application in pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, and food manufacturing. By harnessing cutting-edge analytical methods, we empower our customers to maintain impeccable standards and drive progress within their respective fields.
Our customers include universities and colleges, cultivators, extractors, geneticists, farmers, food and beverage manufacturers, consumer safety regulators and enforcement, and local, state and federal governments in the US and around the globe.
Orange Photonics Customer Collage