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Hemp Compliance Module

LightLab 3 Hemp Compliance Module Captures Low THC Content

LightLab’s Hemp Compliance Module analyzes THC content in plant and concentrate material using a specialized analysis technique to ensure accuracy down to 0.05% THC, well below the typical, legal THC limit of 0.3% in most jurisdictions.
By providing real-time THC potency data, LightLab helps hemp farmers manage THC compliance. Quick and easy testing in-house or on-site allows cultivators to avoid the risk of regulatory action or crop/product destruction. It also informs users of what to expect before sending hemp samples to third party testing labs or coordinating sample collection with Departments of Agriculture.
Hemp compliance module test results LightLab 3

Module in Action:

Monitor CBD/THC ratios
Harvest at peak
Schedule Department of Ag visits at the right time
Verify Certificates of Analysis
Evaluate biomass
Manage the extraction process
Test feedstock
Download the Hemp Compliance Module Brochure
John Baker uses hemp compliance module lightLab

John Baker on LightLab & Hemp Compliance

“I am thrilled to be able to screen my genetics internally. I believe the CBD results by the Orange Photonics (OP) instrument, LightLab, are as accurate as the results from RPC. I am confident that I can use the OP instrument to guide my breeding program for high CBD in hemp.”
John baker, msc, p.ag
certified Professional Agrologist
President of CBD Baker Inc.
University of Kentucky Hemp Proficiency Testing Program

University of Kentucky Hemp Proficiency Program

University of Kentucky (UK) provides one of the largest hemp analysis proficiency testing programs in the world. 78 laboratories participated in the 2020 study, including the LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer.
Each lab received two hemp samples from UK. Each sample was analyzed for cannabinoid content in addition to other analytes. Once analyzed, each lab returned their results to UK for processing. A report of trueness and repeatability was provided for each lab, in addition to summary statistics.
For all analytes measured, LightLab 3’s trueness and repeatability were equivalent to high-quality laboratory results.
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