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Terpenes Module

Terpenes Module Enables Semi-Quantitative Terpene Analysis

Terpene molecules are responsible for the scent profiles of cannabis plants and products. They offer an indication of freshness, support product differentiation, and are a key factor influencing consumer purchases. With the Terpenes Module, LightLab can analyze the richness of the sample’s terpene content with the same easy sample prep used for all testing, and without any changes to hardware.
Terpenes Module Results Screen

About Cannabis Terpenes

Over 100 cannabis terpenes have been identified to date and those terpenes generally fall into two categories: monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.
Monoterpenes comprise 80% of cannabis terpenes. LightLab can analyze and quantify the monoterpenes present in a sample and uses that analysis to make an assumption about the monoterpene-sesquiterpene ratio in the sample and provides a semi-quantitative result.

Terpene Ranges

LightLab reports terpene content in samples as low, medium or high. This offers a great first-line analysis that can help cultivators and processors understand and value their product when terpene rich products are the end goal.
Low Terpene Range: <1%
Medium Terpene Range: between 1% and 2%
High Terpene Range: >2%
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