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Customer Spotlight: Vermont Pure CBD

By Ashley Serafin, Customer Relations & Marketing

Vermont Pure CBD is a New England hemp company located in Shoreham, Vermont. Their small team has more than two decades of combined horticultural experience; from greenhouse production, organic farming, and laboratory work to large-scale field operations. By growing their own hemp, running their own extractions, and handcrafting all of their full-spectrum products, Vermont Pure CBD is dedicated to bringing only the best hemp products to their customers. We spoke with one of the co-founders, Olin Schumacher, to discuss how they’ve been able to establish a memorable, high-quality CBD brand.

When did you start Vermont Pure CBD and what inspired you to do so?

Vermont Pure CBD was formed in 2018 after a summer season of growing our first hemp crop with my two partners Jon Namanworth and Seth Lapidow. With Jon’s background in laboratory science, our mission was to have the highest quality standards from the beginning –growing, extracting, formulating, and producing products all with sustainability and safety in mind. As we began to develop our first products, it became apparent that the CBD-hemp trend was becoming more popular. There are not very many occupations that give you joy and satisfaction, all while providing a service for people that makes a real difference in their lives. That satisfaction has fueled our inspiration ever since.

What do you customers like most about you?

Foremost our customers are thankful for the methods we use to make our products. Very few CBD companies go to the lengths we do to ensure quality. We are persistent in educating our customers about why our methods are outstanding, and what to be aware of in the CBD market as a whole. Second, we strive for excellence when serving our customers. We are always available to address inquiries, offer rewards for dedication, and ensure every customer we see feels confident about the products they receive. Our evolution as a company is driven, in-part, by customer suggestions and feedback. This allows us to adapt to the ever-growing needs of those we serve.

How do you ensure the quality and consistency of your products?

Quality control is essential and takes careful attention through every step in our process. Testing and analysis are a large piece of that. Consistency in our product also depends on the concentration of CBD, THC, and other alkaloids in the crude oil. These concentrations determine how we dilute the concentrate into products, ensuring their legality, consistency, and transparency. After using the LightLab Cannabis Analyzer to test flower, crude and product concentrations, we confirm our final product with third-party testing.

Having LightLab for in-house testing has given us a huge advantage by saving us time and money. We have the ability to test our cannabis product whenever and wherever we need to. In the field or back in the processing center, LightLab gives us accurate results in less than 15 minutes. This is especially crucial for harvest timing when a day or two can make a world of difference. There is no waiting a week (sometimes longer) for a flower test result. With LightLab we can calculate precise, consistent, and compliant results, every step of the way.

How do you use the LightLab Cannabis Analyzer within your supply chain and manufacturing process?

We use the LightLab analyzer for pre-harvest field flower testing to detect the cannabinoid status of our crop to ensure optimal harvest timing while remaining legally compliant. Additionally, we test every batch of oil that we extract for cannabinoid content, along with post-extraction decarboxylation determination to ensure we have fully active CBD that we use in our products.

“Using the LightLab in our operation has saved us approximately $12,000 this year alone. With no wait time associated with our in-house testing, we are able to maximize the amount of CBD at harvest and ensure consistent, quality products.”

– Olin Schumacher, Co-Founder Vermont Pure CBD

How has LightLab impacted your business?

Third-party testing typically cost us about $60 per test. This year alone we’ve conducted about 150 crude oil tests, 50 flower tests and a handful of other product testing. Using the LightLab in our operation has saved us approximately $12,000 this year alone. With no wait time associated with our in-house testing, we are able to maximize the amount of CBD at harvest and ensure consistent, quality products.

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