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Understanding LightLab Calibration: The First Principles Methodology

Dylan Wilks, CTO of Orange Photonics, explains the First Principles Methodology used to calibrate the LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer. Unlike traditional calibration methods used on typical HPLC lab equipment, LightLab calibration is designed to maximize accuracy and performance by calibrating each component separately.

Just like with an HPLC, Orange Photonics (OP) uses certified reference materials for LightLab calibration which allows traceable results compatible with GMP. However, HPLC calibration typically employs a full system calibration, which sounds good but can actually be problematic in a number of ways which Dylan describes in the video.

With LightLab, on the other hand, OP employs a first principles calibration methodology which actually calibrates each component of LightLab separately. First, the flow meter is calibrated so users know exactly how much flow is coming through the unit at any given time. Second, the injection valve is calibrated, ensuring users know exactly how many microliters of a sample has been injected into the system. And last, the detector is calibrated, which tells users the given amount of analytes passing through at any point. By calibrating each of these components separately LightLab offers more accurate results than traditional HPLC lab equipment.

Watch the video to learn more!

Dylan Wilks CTO Orange Photonics explains LightLab calibration with the first principles methodology.