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LightLab 3 Upgrade to High Sensitivity

This option is for current customers who wish to upgrade their LightLab 3 to LightLab 3 High Sensitivity version. This upgrade will equip users with expanded LightLab testing capabilities.

  • Standard
    • THC-A, Δ9THC, CBD-A, CBD, CBN, CBG-A, and CBG
  • Optional Modules
    • Minors –  Δ6a, 10a-THC, THCV, THCV-A, CBN-A, CBC-A, CBC,
    • Converted Cannabinoids Module – Δ9-THC-O Acetate, Δ8-THC-O Acetate, Δ9-THCP, Δ8-THCP, HHC
    • Hemp THC Compliance – THC-A, Δ9THC, Total Potential THC
    • Terpenes – semi-quantitative
  • Level of detection down to 1.7 ppm (0.00017%)
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Remote support
  • Text and email results

Process and Expectations

  • If you would like to add additional modules, you may do so at checkout.
  • Your existing modules will be transferred to your upgraded LightLab 3 High Sensitivity version.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive instructions on how to send your LightLab to Orange Photonics headquarters.
  • Your upgraded LightLab 3 High Sensitivity will be shipped back to your original address with advanced capabilities and performance.

**This pricing applies to US and Canadian customers only. All prices are listed in USD.

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Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 16 in