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Exploring Fit-For-Purpose Testing in the Cannabis Industry: A GMP Collective Webinar


Curious about cannabis quality optimization and testing methodology? Look no further! Orange Photonics’ own CTO Dylan Wilks discusses Optimizing Quality: Exploring Fit-for-Purpose Testing Methods in the Cannabis Industry, with fellow panelists David Vaillencourt of The GMP Collective, Bethany Moore, also from The GMP Collective, and Jini Glaros from Modern Canna Labs.

For a quick overview of the webinar, check out the article from our friends at Cannabis Science & Technology titled Safe and Consistent Cannabis Products: A GMP Collective Webinar on Fit-for-Purpose Testing Methods. Or, visit Youtube to watch the full webinar.

About The GMP Collective

The GMP Collective is a team of experts leading the hemp and cannabis industries through engagement with regulators, trade organizations, and standards development organizations like ASTM International. They specialize in building a unique ecosystem of subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds and a passion for cannabis products that provide clients with unrivaled knowledge and success. The GMP Collective is made up of problem solvers, scientists, engineers, business owners—all united by a mission to ensure the quality, compliance, and safety of products containing cannabinoids. Visit their website to learn more.

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