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Are You A Cannabis Visionary?


The business of cannabis, considering how large it will presumably grow, is a relatively nascent industry. By that I mean as a business not as a substance or plant or set of molecules.  The organization and regulation of the business is so young that many of the rules aren’t even written yet. So, you might say, anyone who is in the business could be considered a “visionary” just from the standpoint of going into uncharted territory. Let’s face it, it’s exciting but it involves working around a lot of roadblocks including shifting regulations, and uncertainty at the federal level of the law.

In his revolutionary business book, Geoffery Moore, author of “Crossing the Chasm”, defines a visionary as “a rare breed of people who have the insight to match up an emerging technology to a strategic opportunity coupled with the charisma to get the rest of their organization to buy into it”. In the marijuana business, this definitely defines a lot of entrepreneurs who have moved from other enterprises like gas and oil, vegetable farming or pharmacology to join the ranks of the visionaries who will now lead the charge in evolving and transforming this booming industry.

The top 5 qualities of a ‘Cannabis Visionary’:

  • Driven by a Dream – Visionaries in this business don’t just focus on getting rich, they have a dream for their enterprises that goes beyond. They will expend energy, educate the market and become icons for the next steps in the evolution of the industry.
  • Potential for “Order of Magnitude” Change – When Michael Bourque describes his company, CannaKorp, which delivers marijuana vapor in a familiar and classy “Keurig-like” fashion, he talks about revolutionizing the industry and educating the market. He doesn’t just see business growth, he sees a complete paradigm change.
  • First to Market and Ahead of the Curve – Pioneers have the desire to “be there first”, they love the feeling of leading the pack and the excitement that comes with that position. This is not a one-time event for them, they will also consistently stay ahead of the curve in innovation, being the first to try new science and technology of cannabis.
  • Profit Driven – While money may not be the primary motivator for many in the cannabis business, true visionaries make sure that they can stay in business and see the profit benefits for everyone: tax income, tourism, real estate opportunities and employment.
  • Bring Science to the Forefront of the Cannabis Conversation – Successful visionaries, while they likely have passion for the beautiful and amazing cannabis plant, they also know that science and technology will drive the ultimate victory to survive and thrive.