It’s no secret that LightLab is a great tool for quality control and compliance in cannabis and hemp.  Most people don’t know that there are several famous LightLabs out there.  LightLabs often feature prominently in blockbuster movies.  While most Hollywood budgets would allow for the purchase of a high-end HPLC, the conditions in many movies require a more rugged cannabis testing solution. This week we are going to look at a few of the most famous LightLabs we know of:

1. Aquaman testing his stash while battling sea monsters

At a particularly tense moment in the movie, Aquaman realizes his ship may be lost to sea monsters.  Before jumping ship, he does one more quick test on his latest crop.  Good thing LightLab can analyze a sample in just 10 minutes!

Aquaman’s grow system is fully hydroponic.
Aquaman entering in the weight of his sample before beginning analysis.
Aquaman reviewing his results – over 20%!

2. LightLab survives a giant shark attack in The Meg

While Aquaman’s LightLab may have been lost to monsters, another LightLab survived an equally harrowing ordeal.  In “The Meg”, while tracking a giant shark, a boat gets flipped and the LightLab tumbles into the water with the shark.  The rugged case and hardened mechanical design allowed LightLab to survive this shark attack unharmed.

The crew first notices the LightLab fell in the water!
The captain is upset that his favorite quality control tool has become shark food.
The crew argues over how to get the LightLab out of shark infested waters.

3. LightLab  in Space

In the Netflix series “Lost in Space”, again LightLab features heavily.  A ship destined to colonize a new planet crashes.  Of course any colonization effort will include local plants, so cannabis is on board.  And understading the growth progress of cannabis in space is just as imortant as it is on earth.  LightLab’s portability and Mars-tested detection system made it a natural choice for bringing along.  When the ship crashes, LightLab is in danger.  Spoiler Alert! A brave astronaut saves LigthLab from a fierey destruction.

“Just one more test!” An astronaut struggles through wreckage to save LightLab.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

It’s pretty clear to us that LightLab has made it in Hollywood. If you come across any LightLabs in exciting situations, be sure to let us know!