The Orange Photonics (OP) team is passionate about analytical instrumentation. We’re also passionate about delivering the best possible products in support of operational efficiency, quality control and innovation.

Paul Wilks 1957 with one of his mid-infrared analyzers, cannabis testing equipment

Orange Photonics’ team members come from diverse industries including spectroscopy sciences, health care, standards organizations and educational institutions. We harness our expertise in support of the customers we serve. When we see our customers succeed and grow, we know we’re doing our part to help move the industry forward.

Our roots are in spectroscopy, which is the science of using light to measure chemical composition. Our legacy goes back three generations of spectroscopists to include one of the founders of PittCon, often honored as the “Father of Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy”, Paul Wilks. 

Spectroscopy and liquid chromatography, two analytical methods used in Orange Photonics’ cannabis potency testing equipment, are commonly used in pharmaceuticals, environmental testing and food manufacturing.