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LightLab 3 Law Enforcement

LightLab Price: $16,400 (USD)

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LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer, Law Enforcement Version, caters to law enforcement use cases; making it easy to quantify THC content in cannabis plants. Your team can use this presumptive/quantitative tool to inform illicit product seizures and avoid the delay associated with forensics lab tests.

  • Presumptive Mode provides a rapid indicator of whether a sample is THC Dominant (psychoactive) or CBD Dominant (hemp). Presumptive mode’s simplified sample preparation is ideal for field use testing where a quick on-the-spot determination is required. Presumptive Mode data is based on HPLC peak ratios, virtually eliminating false positives or false negatives, and can be used on any sample type.
  • Quantitative Mode offers laboratory-grade quantitative analysis as well as the presumptive guidance of the THC:CBD ratio. Quantitative Mode reports THC-A, D9THC, total potential THC, CBD-A, CBD, and total potential CBD in a simplified quantitative report or a detailed report that measures up to 11 cannabinoids.

Your LightLab 3 LE comes to you fully calibrated and with all the accessories you need to run a sample. With this purchase, you also receive a sample shaker, scale, sample grinder, and a complimentary Flower Test Kit (test kit includes enough consumables for 25 tests) and the following modules…

  1. Hemp Compliance Module (test below 0.3% THC): Analysis module allowing for extended low-level THC quantification
    down to 0.05% in flower samples. Useful for USDA and Global-regulated Hemp Limit Screening.

  2. Minor’s Module: Analysis module allowing for the quantification of additional minor
    cannabinoids including CBN-A, CBC-A, CBC, Δ8-THC, and Δ10-THC.
  3. Converted Module: Analysis module allowing the quantification of Δ9-THC-O Acetate, Δ8-THC-O Acetate, Δ9-THCP, Δ8-THCP, and HHC.

Additional Module Option (available in the store):

  1. Terpenes Module (semi-quantitative)

*When Terpenes Module is purchased with the LightLab 3 LE it will be discounted to $500.

Accessory Options:

  • Workbench Fluidics Setup – Used with large solvent bottles to enable less bottle switching and more back-to-back tests.

  • Extended Warranty – Extends the standard warranty to two years and includes one calibration service.

  • Flower or Concentrate Test Kit Annual Subscription – Save time and money by purchasing in bulk and scheduling regular deliveries. Contact us for details.


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