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Magical Box Tests Magic Mushrooms: LightLab 3 Psy Analyzer Featured in Talking Joints Memo

Magical Box Tests Magic Mushrooms Talking Joints Memo LightLab

Chris Faraone, Founder & Editor of Talking Joints Memo, recently featured Orange Photonics’ newest LightLab 3 Psy Analyzer in his article, Inside A New Magical Box That Tests Magic Mushrooms.

Initially, the products designed by Orange Photonics (OP) were rooted in solutions for the early cannabis markets, but with the evolution of the psychedelics market, OP recognized a similar need for testing solutions there as well.

The latest updates and improvements of the LightLab 3 Psy technology were developed to ensure that as the industry evolves, safety, accuracy and quality standards are prioritized.

Read the full article Inside A New Magical Box That Tests Magic Mushrooms at talkingjointsmemo.com

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