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Hudson Botanical Processing & LightLab Cannabis Analyzer

Hudson Botanical Processing, home to the Nimbus Cannabis Co. brand, uses LightLab to make sound purchasing decisions and optimize product quality. Brian Adams, Founder and CEO of Hudson Botanical Processing (HBP), located in Hudson, MA, recently took some time to chat with Mitch Pfeiffer of Respect My Region. Brian shared that the LightLab Cannabis Analyzer has been an instrumental piece of technology at HBP from the get go.

Watch the video on Youtube or scroll down, to hear Brian tell Mitch exactly how HBP uses the LightLab and how it has become an essential tool in their daily operations.

Mitch: “Whether it’s looking at wholesale or maybe finished goods, how are you guys using the Orange Photonics LightLab in your process?”

Brian: “I’ll touch on the wholesale purchasing side. That’s the main reason why we ultimately bought the LightLab. When we first started there was no batch limit for cultivators here in the state. So you could have a 5,000 sq foot room and test one plant in that room and that was acceptable. They ultimately now changed it to 15lb batches, so it’s helped a little bit. But ya know, we were scared of that – someone’s going to pick obviously their best plant and then they’re going to sell the extraction grade to us – that’s probably half of what it was.

So just to be informed and make good purchasing decisions, we bought the LightLab to go out and test product before we purchase. We do do that today even with the batch limit because testing, as everyone knows, can be a little wonky from time to time.

One good example is we went out to an outdoor farm and they had some biomass available. COAs were showing 20%, but it was trim and it wasn’t at 20%. So we were able to use the LightLab and test it and figure out that it was at a percentage that ultimately wasn’t worth our time and it allowed us to make our decision. If we committed to a deal like that, that would have really, really hurt in the long term. So just protecting us from a purchasing perspective is huge.

And then internally, we test all of our products. We’re not going to send out a sample at each step of process to the lab because (a) it’s super expensive and (b) we don’t always necessarily trust the results. We see consistency with the LightLab and that’s what allows us to make more informed decisions and better data collection.

When we have solid data we can make better decisions to tweak our process the next time around or tweak it going forward. So having that ease of ability to just test on the fly. And then also, that’s where we track all our data. It’s tracked all off the LightLab, not off the lab. So we test everything from flower to finished goods.

Specifically for making distillate, when we’re just mining THC, there’s no better way to really clock what you’re doing day in and day out and that machine is so portable and easy to use. Anyone on our team can step over to LightLab, follow the instructions on the screen, and get accurate and reliable results.

That’s why we use LightLab and it’s been a great tool and honestly we’ve had it since day one. I believe we were one of the first in the state of MA to have it. So it’s a really great piece of machinery. And the Orange Photonics team is always there to take care of you and help you which you know, with any piece of equipment is super important, good customer service.”

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