December 7, 2023

Cannabis’ Testing Conundrum: An MJBizCon Presentation by Jill Carreiro, VP of Sales

Cannabis' Testing Conundrum: Turn the Model on its Head

Orange Photonics’ Vice President of Sales, Jill Carreiro, gave an insightful presentation at MJBizCon’s Science Symposium Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 28, 2023.

Cannabis’ Testing Conundrum: Turn the Model on Its Head gave attendees a real look into the rise of potency inflation and the prevalence of lab shopping in the cannabis industry, as well as an overview of how in-house potency testing and real-time data can change the way cannabis companies do business.

Based on data compiled by licensed laboratories, LightLab 3 analyzers, and various industry experts, Jill demonstrated how all-too-common manipulation of testing data is creating implications for testing labs, consumers/patients, and brands, as well as cannabis science, often relying on lab-reported COA data.

Furthermore, Jill explores why those companies who do more than just the required regulatory compliance testing are giving themselves an edge over the competition. Implementing in-house testing at key touchpoints from seed-to-sale is a means to streamline operations, create efficiencies, catch mistakes and confirm assumptions, all leading to reduced costs and increased margins.

Watch Jill’s presentation Cannabis’ Testing Conundrum: Turn the Model on It’s Head

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