November 2, 2023

Cannabis Talk 101: Meet Jill Carreiro, Orange Photonics’ VP of Sales

Cannabis Talk 101: Jill Carreiro, VP of Sales at Orange Photonics is interviewed about LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer and in-house potency testing.

On a recent trip to L.A., Orange Photonics’ Vice President of Sales, Jill Carreiro, had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Blue and Joe Grande, Co-Hosts of Cannabis Talk 101, to discuss Orange Photonics and the cutting-edge LightLab 3 High Sensitivity Cannabis Analyzer.

“Cannabis operators of America – we are all about helping you solve the problems that you’re definitely having!” says Jill in this highly educational and entertaining podcast. Listen in to hear Jill dive into everything LightLab and even share what her go-to munchies are!

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Jill Carreiro Presents at the MJBizCon Science Forum

If you’re heading to MJBizCon, be sure to attend the Science Forum on Tuesday 11/28 where you can hear Jill speak about Cannabis’ Testing Conundrum. Save 10% on tickets with code SPKMJB2310.

Jill Carreiro speaks at MJBizCon Science Forum about the Cannabis industry's testing conundrum

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