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Fighting The Good Fight


What does it take to stay alive and on top of the ever-changing regulations in this fast moving business? 

It seems that we are all fighting the good fight in the cannabis business these days. After interviewing dozens of growers, extractors, doctors, dispensary owners, scientists and suppliers, two main goals continue to rise to the top: 

  • Generating the cleanest and best medicine possible for consumers
  • Making a profit/staying above water

Is this the yin/yang of our existence? As state regulations continue to evolve and intensify, costing us money and time, consumers are becoming educated and vocally sharing our passion for good wholesome products. 

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ForwardGro’s Medical Director, Deb Kimless, MD, running a wet leaf sample on LightLab. Look for ForwardGro on social media to learn about their cutting-edge operation.

With the added challenge of breaking ground in a state that has recently moved into the light, one very passionate physician and educator, Deb Kimless, MD, of ForwardGro, and her colleague, Dan Ramaty, scientist and environmentalist, are determined to conquer these goals and go where growers have never gone before. This requires the highest level of focus, dedication and commitment to due diligence. 

“We know that we have a challenge, since we are literally breaking new ground in our specific latitude and longitude,” says Dr. Kimless “but we are determined to use our years of experience and energy to guide our grow team.” 

As the business matures, she explained, in-house testing equipment has become more available and affordable than ever to measure a multitude of variables throughout the grow cycle. She believes that the businesses with a scientific approach, always with the patient needs in mind, will come out in front. 

“Balance between what the state requires, our local resources, and what the patients need is a target we keep at the forefront of everything we do.” 

The general consensus throughout states, mature and nascent, shared the fear of change, the roller-coaster of state regulations, and the desire to provide quality products. And, for those who service this industry across state lines, keeping on top of all state mandates is even more arduous. We have to keep fighting the good fight.