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Streamline internal operations with LightLab!

Streamline internal operations in your vertical operation!

Do your teams have inconsistencies across production and operations?

In a vertical, seed-sale operation, having the data to make informed decisions at every step of a product’s development is essential.

Use LightLab to test your products and gather data that will help make meaningful decisions! Grow quality crops, find peak curing times and environments, test the shelf-stability of your products, and get the most out of every cannabinoid in your facility. Integrate LightLab into your company's SOPs to streamline internal operational efficiency at your company and get everyone on the same page.

Informed Strain Development

With LightLab's data, your company can make informed decisions about which strains to develop and tailor to your customers preferences. This helps resolve internal issues by aligning strain choices with market demand and consumer preferences.

Supply Chain Optimization

When testing plant matter with LightLab, the data gathered aids in better understanding the genetic characteristics of strain varieties and their characteristics. This insight can be used to optimize your supply chain, reducing internal issues related to inventory management and sourcing inefficiencies.

Product Standardization

Vertically integrated companies can use LightLab data to establish quality and consistency standards for their products. By standardizing products, internal issues related to product uniformity are limited while the external brand reputation is strengthened.

Market Positioning

Data-driven insights from LightLab allow the company to position its offerings effectively in the market and be confident that customers desire the products being developed. This strategic approach of authenticity ensures long-term success in vertical operations when your customers trust your brand and products.

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