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You need to create Premium Products to Protect your Bottom Line!

You need to create premium products to compete in the cannabis market and protect your company's bottom line!

Every cannabinoid in your materials has value - are you using them to make the most money you can?

Achieve operational excellence by squeezing the lemon a little harder and making the most money out of your materials. With LightLab, you won’t throw away a single cannabinoid ever again! Instead, implement procedures to test everything and turn those cannabinoids into gummies and distillates as often as possible!

Raise your standards, do it right, and make more money. Do you want to 'create cannabis products', OR do you want to make cannabis products the right way? 

Premiumization with Cost Savings

Reduce the need for expensive raw materials, minimize production costs, and protect your bottom line while producing premium products. LightLab offers a convenient, cost-effective tool to utilize in-house to optimize formulations and processes. 

Understand Your Material

Understand how many cannabinoids are in your spent materials by testing them for cannabinoids with LightLab and repurpose them. Reduce waste and minimize your company’s environmental footprint to appeal to eco-conscious consumers and enhance your brand's reputation.

Customize Consistent Formulations

The data provided by LightLab allows for reverse engineering and precise adjustments to formulations. Tailor premium products to your consumer’s preferences and command premium prices in the market.

Compete in a Crowded Market

Consistent, high-quality testing results from the Light Lab instill confidence in consumers. When consumers trust a brand's commitment to quality and safety, it helps ensure the brand's longevity and maintains its loyal customer base.

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