Terpenes+ Module


The Terpenes+ module is a software addition that can be downloaded to your LightLab Cannabis Analyzer. Terpenes+ adds even more capability to your LightLab by allowing it to measure three additional components:

  • Terpenes (semi quantitative): LightLab reports terpene content in flower samples as Low, Medium or High terpene content offering a great first-line analysis that can help cultivators and processors understand and value their product when terpene rich products are the end goal.

  • Degraded THC: Distillates can provide pure and potent samples. Not all distillates are the same, however. In some cases, distillation can break down the THC molecule into by-products, reducing the potency of the product and affecting the taste. LightLab can measure the amount of degraded THC, allowing distillation operators to ensure their product is pure and potent while maintaining high throughput.

  • Cannabichromene (CBC): LightLab can now analyze a seventh cannabinoid, Cannabichromene. CBC is often present in hemp and CBD containing plants. Since many laboratories do not yet measure CBC, the Terpenes+ module will allow hemp farmers, CBD growers and processors to select for higher CBC plants and differentiate their product with a new cannabinoid. Note the Terpenes+ module will only report CBC in products containing CBD/CBDA.

*Please note that the Terpenes+ module is specific to adult-use cannabis testing.

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