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Potency Testing with LightLab

Potency Testing with LightLab: Plants, Concentrates, Edibles and Mushrooms

LightLab provides accurate, real-time data that can be used to make on-the-spot business decisions.
Adult-use cannabis operators working with LightLab can build top-of-the-line QC (quality control) testing into the production process from start to finish. At-line testing of cannabis plants, concentrates, edibles, beverages and more can help cultivators, manufacturers and retailers streamline operations, curb unnecessary spending, reclaim wasted cannabinoids, and more.
With LightLab, your team’s research and development efforts will also be supported with real-time data. Testing during the R&D phase facilitates unique product formulations that support market differentiation, define your brand, and meet consumer demands.
Whether you’re testing cannabis plants, concentrates or edibles, or psychedelic mushrooms and mushroom-infused products, LightLab can can add significant value to your operation. So what are you testing? Choose one of the options below to learn more.

See How At-Line Testing Can Add Value to Your Operation