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Do Your COA's Have Unexpected Results? Confirm In-House with LightLab!

Do you often see unexpected results when COA's come back from the lab?  

With Lightlab, you are able to do cost-effecting testing in-house, prior to sending them to the lab. Say goodbye to the days of anxiously awaiting lab results due to unexpected COAs in the past!

By testing prior to sending your product to the lab, this gives you an idea of what incoming results will be - as well as an opportunity to toss bad batches before spending your money on getting it tested.

Gain a deeper understanding of your products and know what to expect back from the lab!

Confirm Accuracy of Lab Results

LightLab provides reliable and precise lab results, ensuring that the potency testing aligns with the Certificate of Analysis (COA), eliminating the need for re-testing and saving valuable time and resources.

COA Verification

With LightLab, your company can verify their COA reports through accurate potency testing, gaining confidence in your product's consistency without the need for redundant re-testing.

Cost-Efficient Testing

By confirming your COA with LightLab's accurate and cost-effective testing, you can avoid unnecessary expenses associated with duplicate tests. This optimizes your testing budget and saves your company money.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The precise data generated by LightLab aids in informed decision-making, reducing the chances of unexpected discrepancies between COA claims and actual lab results, ultimately saving time and resources.

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