April 1st to April 3rd, 2024

The Emerald Conference

Loews Coronado Bay Resort – San Diego, CA

Attending The Emerald Conference this spring? Jill Carreiro, Vice President of Sales from Orange Photonics, Inc. will be presenting Potency Inflation Solutions in Cannabis Testing Labs. Catch her session on Wednesday, April 3rd at 1:30pm.

Jill Carreiro presents at The Emerald Scientific Conference April 2024 in San Diego on Potency Inflation Solutions in Cannabis Testing Labs


Analytical testing in the cannabis industry can feel like an expensive regulatory hurdle with little payoff and far too many uncertainties. Balancing ever-evolving regulatory hurdles that change from state to state can be unbearable, and the lack of standards has led some labs to inflate THC levels. “Lab shopping” has led to erosion of customer confidence in the regulated cannabis industry. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This presentation, from a pharma-compliance engineer turned cannabinoid scientist, will start with a lively look into the worrisome truth behind the compiled potency results from over 70 certified labs from across the USA, and how this behavior implicates the companies forced to work with them.

Then we’ll focus on proactive methods and strategies you can use to turn the testing paradigm on its head. Instead, use internal data to create SOP-driven and metric-led systems to apply the process-improvement techniques that drive profit and quality. Understand more from your lab Certificate of Analysis (COA): what does it all mean, and what could you ask to learn more? Get real-world strategies to use internal testing in cultivation to have more commercially viable harvests and take home other strategies for product premiumization within existing licensing structures.

About Jill Carreiro

Jill Carreiro proudly serves as the Vice President of New Hampshire-based Orange
Photonics, manufacturer of LightLab Portable Analyzers for Cannabis and Psychedelics.
Over two decades, her work with Regulatory, Law Enforcement, and Customs agencies
across the USA and Internationally has allowed her to further develop solutions that
bridge the gap between commercial and regulatory spaces of various industries, through
fit-for-purpose, lab-accurate technologies. Because of this unique perspective, Jill is
keenly aware of the intersection of commercialism, regulatory protocol, and consumer
safety and how it affects the cannabis industry and patients and consumers today.

The Emerald Conference: The 9th Annual Interdisciplinary Science Event

Now in its 9th year, The Emerald Conference is the original, longest running interdisciplinary cannabis science event. It is the forum for discussion on discovery science, as well as how science and data support best practices in cultivation, production, and quality assurance.

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